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Construction of Sambong Senior Middle School in Kumya County


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Project Title: Construction of Sambong Senior Middle School in Kumya County.

Foreign Supporter: SPF

Objective: To construct a new building for senior middle school in Sambong-ri so that all the local children might learn in a better environment without inconveniences.

Beneficiaries: More than 500 students and 25 teachers in Sambong-ri, Kumya County

Period of Implementation: April 2018-September 2019

Activities: KEF, after full understanding of the educational condition in Sambong-ri, Kumya County, made a proposal to SPF in July 2017 for cooperation in the construction of Sambong Senior Middle School.

SPF, in accordance with an agreement made with KEF, contributed building materials, including steel materials and plastic windows, to the construction from April 2018 to July 2019, while local supporters provided building materials including cement and aggregates and labour force.

The construction project began in April 2018, the framework finished by November that year, the roofing work and the final touch for inner and outer jobs, and the arrangement of the surroundings finished by September 2019. Thus, the construction of a three-storied school building with a total floor space of 3 360㎡ was completed.

During the implementation of the project, KEF understood the progress of the construction on the spot four times and paid a visit to the school on its completion together with SPF in early November 2019 to make a review of the implementation of the project.

Outcome: A new school building went up in Sambong-ri, Kumya County, thus improved educational condition and environment.


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