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Memorable Uniform


When they visit the Revolutionary Museum of Kim Il Sung University they find something very memorable.

It is a simple uniform of mixed materials, which Chairman Kim Jong Il wore during the years when he conducted his revolutionary activities at Kim Il Sung University.

It was the only uniform he had from September 1, Juche 49 (1960) till his graduation from the university.

Later the Chairman showed an official the uniform associated with his memorable days, saying with deep emotion that he had kept it for over 30 years as it felt like a part of his life and that it was the only uniform he had during his universtiy days.

Indeed, the uniform is a precious historic relic associated with the patriotism and personality of Kim Jong Il who conducted his revolutionary activities with the great ambition to further glorify the country as a genuine people's country true to the lofty intention of President Kim Il Sung.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un ensured that all the students in the country were provided with the same kind of uniform like the one worn by the Chairman.