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College Opened in the Tunnel


The work of establishing a factory college started even in the flames of the Fatherland Liberation War, but there was so much difficulty.

The biggest problem at that time was the lack of experience in running a college and the shortage of the teaching staff. The managers of the factory concerned made strenuous efforts to solve the problem of teachers, sending for people here and there, but they found it a hard nut to crack.

On February 17, Juche 40 (1951), when the factory managers were groping for a solution, President Kim Il Sung visited the factory.

Acquainting himself in detail with the preparation for establishing the college, he took relevant measures.

He sent teachers, who had been recalled from the front, to the factory college preferentially when Kim Il Sung University and all other establishments of higher education needed them badly, and showed warm care for them by supplying medicines to them.

Encouraged by the guidance and care of the President, the managers and workers of the factory made full preparations.

And they held the opening ceremony of the factory college and the students had the first lecture in the deep tunnel on July 15, Juche 40 (1951) when the war was at its height.

The opening meeting and the first lecture of the day meant a solemn declaration that marked the beginning of the factory college-style education in the country.