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Shortage of Teachers Solved


Learning that Kim Il Sung University was short of teachers and scholars, President Kim Il Sung made time in the midst of his busy days to see a senior university administrator early February, Juche 39 (1950).

At that time there were various problems in the educational work of the university, and the biggest of them was the lack of teachers and scholars.

The number of faculties and students which was increasing as required by the developing realities and the execution of curriculums for senior grades needed more teachers and scholars consequently.

The university took measures to make each of the teachers carry out teaching programs of a few subjects in addition.

However, lectures of special subjects for students of higher grades posed as a great difficulty to cope with because the teachers and scholars in the relevant fields were insufficient.

The President said: We are now implementing a 2-year national economic plan for the first time in the history of our country after carrying out two rounds of national economic plan. What we need most urgently in all areas is functionaries, scientists and technicians and we should train them as soon as possible.

He went on to say: In this situation we should solve the problem of teachers by encouraging those people who are capable of giving university lectures to do it when necessary while retaining their positions.

If the scientists and technicians in service are involved in giving lectures, they will be able to impart serviceable knowledge to the students as they have practical experience along with scientific knowledge.

The President added: The university only has to make a good arrangement of lectures and notice the date and time in advance to the establishments for which the would-be teachers work.

He also gave detailed instructions on the solutions, saying he would issue orders to the Ministry of Education and other relevant ministries.

Thanks to the measures taken by the President who had a far sight into the future of the country, the problem of the teaching staff which was a great difficulty for Kim Il Sung University was solved successfully.