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Earnest Request


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, on his visit to the completed Wisong Scientists Residential District, first looked round Wisong Primary School where the children of scientists would study.

In the school he wore a broad smile all the time as if he were picturing the scene of the school filled with the sound of reading and laughters of happiness of the children.

When he was in a classroom, he, looking round the desks, chairs and other things inside, said the desks looked small and asked how old the children would be who would use the desks.

Hearing the reply that children aged seven to eight would study there, he looked at the surface of the desk and felt it carefully, before pointing out the shortcomings one by one.

As he always thought how to provide better things to the rising generation lest there should be any inconvenience in their learning conditions, he asked to keep proper temperature in the classrooms and lay artificial turf in the playground.

His instructions tells of his idea that the undertaking of providing proper learning conditions and environment to children is not a business-like matter but the one of viewpoint and standpoint towards the educational work and, furthermore, a noble patriotic one for the future of the country.