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Roots and Good Fruit


One day in June Juche 101 (2012) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, talking to some officials. gave imporatant instructions concerning the educational work of the country.

Kim Jong Un said: The educational work for training capable personnel is an important undertaking decisive of the prosperity of the country and the future of the nation at present when it is the era of science and technology. Just as good fruit comes from sound roots competent personnel can be trained only through fine general secondary education which gives basic education to the students. We cannot train the rising generation as the staunch successors to the revolution without improving general secondary education.

All the officials were quite impressed at his words.

Kim Jong Un emphasized earnestly again the importance of educational work.

His instruction was that the work for training the rising generation should never be slighted however difficult the country's economic condition is and however complicated the circumstances are, and that they should guarantee the nation's future by dint of education.