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Meticulous Care for Orphans


One day in October Juche 103 (2014) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made another inspection of the completed Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage.

Stepping into the yard of the baby home, he said that the surrounding landscape looked like a picture. Noticing the rubber mats in the front yard, he said that it was good that they had laid such mats but that it was wrong not to fix them with adhesives. He added that if the rubber mats were not fixed with adhesives, their edges might rise as the mats expanded or contracted from season to season and that this might cause the children to fall over. 

Still feeling uneasy, he reiterated the need to fix the rubber mats with adhesives in the front yard of the baby home.

Even if the children fell down, it would hardly be a big problem as it was covered with rubber mats, but Kim Jong Un, still worried, repeatedly stressed the need to fix the mats with adhesives.

Then, seeing the enterance hall floor finished with tiles, he said that the children might fall down and get hurt on the head as the floor was smooth and asked warmly to lay rubber mats on it, too.