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Textbook Problem, Major Concern of His


One day in May Juche 105 (2016) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un went to see an exhibition of machinery which had been manufactured in honour of the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea. There he examined some textbooks displayed in the lounge of a hall for new technology.

The accompanying officials were pleased to see the textbooks for kindergarteners and students at primary and middle schools and colleges.

Kim Jong Un first examined each of kindergarteners’ textbooks, references for children’s intellectual development and primary school textbooks, saying with great satisfaction that they were really good and that the design of the covers of the textbooks for kindergarteners and primary school children was prepared well enough to suit the child psychology.  

After leafing through the college textbooks he said to the officials: The intention of our Party is to make our country a land of education. One of the important problems in this respect is to provide children and students with our indigenous schoolbags, textbooks and notebooks.

He continued emphatically: We should provide our children and students with quality textbooks sufficiently in future. We should give due attention to this matter since it is very important for education.