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We Should Accelerate the Training of Capable Personnel


One May day years ago the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave on-site guidance at a factory which had been newly built.

Looking round it, he brought up the topic about the problem of educational work.

He said: It is wrong if educational work is disturbed when factories and enterprises are renovated. It is necessary to accelerate the training of capable personnel as required by the reality in which the economy and science and technology are developing rapidly throughout the world.  

Hearing him, the accompanying officials felt anew that educational work for training capable personnel in the present age, the age of science and technology, is an important matter which is decisive of the rise and fall of the country.

Kim Jong Un emphasized: We should systematically train capable personnel as the backbone of our country. The educational field should set a realistic target for training competent scientists and technicians in great numbers and improve educational work.