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Setup of Welfare Service Complex at Sinuiju Honored Disabled Soldiers’ College of Economics


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Project Title: Setup of a welfare service complex at Sinuiju Honored Disabled Soldiers’ College of Economics

Foreign Supporter: International Bethel Vision Center, North Star Aid, Canada, and Heart for Korea, Sweden

Objective: To build a welfare service complex equipped with good facilities for welfare service and treatment at SHDSCE so as to alleviate physical disabilities of the students and help them take active part in socio-economic activities after they finish the college. It was also aimed at improving the operation of the college with the income of the service complex and providing an example of building up the self-management capacity to similar establishments with disabled staffs.

Beneficiaries: More than 400 disabled students and 170 teaching staff

Period of Implementation: January 2014 – November 2015

Activities: KEF made a proposal of the project to International Bethel Vision Center (IBVC) in January 2014, presenting a stage-specific construction plan and budget. IBVC, in cooperation with NSA and HfK, donated finishing materials, welfare facilities, solar energy facilities, and other materials.

KEF had a number of technical consultations with the North Phyongan Provincial People's Committee, Pyongyang University of Architecture and State Academy of Science in order to provide all welfare facilities helpful for the convenience and restorative treatment of the disabled students.

The construction of the three-storied welfare service complex with a total floor space of 1 750㎡ began in October 2013 and completed in November 2015. It is furnished with an indoor swimming pool, bathrooms, saunas, different treatment rooms, physical training rooms, rehabilitation wards and a nutrition canteen—which are all designed well for the convenience of the disabled students. It is equipped with a refrigerating facility, a solar cell system and a solar heating system.

Representatives of the donor organizations understood the state of the construction in June and October 2014 and inspected the site to have the firsthand understanding of the operation in December 2018.

Outcome: With the completion of the welfare service complex which can accommodate 500 people at a time, the disabled students of the college could access to regular welfare service and treatment for rehabilitation.

Besides, the introduction of the solar energy system ensures normal operation of the complex.


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