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KEF is a non-profit NGO registered in the DPR Korea.
Its mission is to contribute to quality of education by coordinating and increasing financial and material support from donors.

KEF ensures transparency, feasibility and efficiency in its overall work.
KEF maintains credibility and closely cooperates with donors and beneficiaries.

Warm Home of Living, Best Place for Learning   2017-02-06
Home of Happiness for the orphans was admirably built by the fatherly care of the Sup...
Representative of KASM, Dallas Visited Pyongyang   2017-02-05
Mr.Yoon Yu Jong visited Pyongyang. During the meeting with KEF, they discussed on the ...
Natural Energy-Based System Supported to Phyongsong Orphanages  2017-01-25
Korea Education Fund carried out solar energy projects of supplying warm water and em...
Dandong Amnokgang Development Research Institution Supplied Underwear   2017-01-20
KEF, in cooperation with ADRI, supplied 4,500 pairs of underwear to Orphans’ Kinder...
New Korea Friends Humanitarian International Supported Foodstuff  2017-01-20
NKFS donated 50 t of maize flour and 10 t of noodle.KEF distributed diverse snacks pre...
Dandong Tubao Trading Company Supported Scarves  2017-01-10
In cooperation with KEF, Dandong Tubao Trading Company supplied 10,000 pieces of chil...
Another Splendid Factory for the Children   2017-01-08
Thanks to the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s warm love for the rising generation and ...
Support of Normalization of Soy Milk Production in Sinphyong County   2016-12-02
In cooperation with HfK, Sweden and Bethel Vision, KEF provided 3 sets of soy milk pr...
Support to Northern Disaster Area  2016-10-30
KEF supported to rehabilitating the schools and houses in Musan, Yonsa counties and H...
Construction of Saengyang Senior Middle School Completed
The building of Saengyang Senior Middle School supported by KEF, Bethel Vision Center and Heart for Korea, Sweden completed end July and the children began their learning in the new building from Aug.
Construction of Ryero Senior Middle School Completed
The construction of Ryero Senior Middle School, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province, supported by KEF and SPF was completed end Sep.
Football Support by KASM
The football project supported by KEF and KASM was completed successfully. KEF delivered footballs to several schools including orphanages.
Support of Solar-Heated Water Supply System to Orphanages in Kangwon Province
Mid July KEF made arrangements to reset some parts of the solar-heated water supply system supported by YUST to Wonsan orphan’s primary & middle schools when some problems occurred in its operation. Now the system is contributing to the bettermen...
Construction of Kalmulpo Kindergarten, Sepho County Completed
KEF, in cooperation with Bethel Vision Center, supported the construction of Kalmulpho Kindergarten in Sepho County, Kangwon Province last April. It was furnished modernly and neatly suited to the child"s mind.
Support to Brass Band of Phyongsong Orphans’ Middle School
KEF, in cooperation with NCTC, implemented a pilot project for setting up brass band to Phyongsong Orphans’ Middle School. According to the project plan, the musical instruments and uniform were provided and the trainings for improving the skills w...
Improvement of Educational Condition in Orphans’ Schools
In close cooperation with partners, KEF supported trucks for training, driving simulation equipment, computer classrooms, language labs, multi-functional classrooms, carpentry, cooking and sewing classrooms in several orphans’ schools. Partners: ...
Cooperation with Love One-World
KEF, in cooperation with LOW, provided orphans with around 15,000 winter padded clothes and 2,000㎡ of tiles for Rason flood damaged rehabilitation and language labs to Phyongsong Orphans’ Secondary School, in 2015.
Building of Management Capacity in Orphanages
∘KEF, in cooperation with several partners, provided Tongrim Orphans’ Secondary School and Wonsan Orphans" Secondary School, Wonsan Orphans’ Primary School and Chongjin Orphans" Secondary School with washing and drying machines and other operat...
today count: 1,410
yesterday count: 1,120

total count: 345,823
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