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Measure He Took on the Spot


One day the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the animal park of the renovated Mangyongdae Children’s Camp.

He was deeply concerned about a problem. It was how to increase the number of the animal kinds.

At the time there were animals of only a few kinds.

Getting to Building No. 1 of the camp after looking round some places of the animal park, Kim Jong Un stopped and looked back at the animal park.

As he never failed to notice whatever was related with the camping life of children, he would not leave the matter of the animal park as it was.

Saying that there were only a few kinds of animals in the park, he stressed that the number of kinds should be increased although they could not keep tigers there.

He understood the animal kinds were not enough to meet the requirements of the children enjoying camping there.

After a while, he said the problem of expanding the animal park and obtaining more animals should be solved in cooperation with the Central Zoo whose workers would have a better understanding of the animal world.

He even concerned himself with how to provide the additional amount of feed that would be needed in case the number of animals increased.