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Lest There Should Be Any Defect


One day in July Juche 105 (2016) Kim Jong Un visited Pyongyang Middle School for Orphans which had been newly constructed.

He showed warm care, trying hard to provide a better learning condition and environment to the orphans.

The school had been built thanks to him as an excellent palace in less than one year so that the orphans could learn to their heart’s content. Nevertheless, as if there were still something left undone, he showed such kindness. Seeing him, the accompanying officials moved.

Looking round several places of the school he asked one of the officials how the school supplies were provided.

Hearing the reply, he repeated his advice to supply necessary materials to orphanages on a regular basis. Now he dropped in at a classroom on the second floor.

Equipped well with mult-functional IT facilities, it had all necessary teaching aids of different kinds, including a blackboard, a table, desks and chairs.

Surveying the classroom with satisfaction, Kim Jong Un looked at the blackboard.

Now he asked what they were going to use in writing on the blackboard.

Listening to the reply that water-soluble marker pen would be used, he asked an official if there were enough marker pens available at the school. Now turning to another official, he acquainted himself with the production of marker pens.

Even the problem of marker pens to be used at lessons for orphans was an important affair for him.