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Milestones along the Hiking Route


A few days before the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Children’s Union the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the refashioned Mangyongdae Children’s Camp, when he dropped in at the hiking knowledge dissemination room.

As they had made special efforts to arrange the room, the officials thought that he would feel satisfied with it.

He, showing his satisfaction with the room, looked carefully at a model of the hiking route.

He asked officials how long the route was and if there were any milestones.

Embarrassed at his question, the managing official of the camp could not make an answer immediately. Now he knew that he had failed to pay attention to the matter of setting milestones along the hiking route while attaching importance to furnishing the inside of the camp alone.

Kim Jong Un said to him: You should measure the exact distance from the starting point to the turning point and set milestones along the hiking route.

Then, the children would know how far they have walked and how far they should go.