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Duration of Camping He Set


Years ago on his visit to the remodeled December 6 Children’s Camp in Kangwon Province, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un acquainted himself with the duration of the camping and the winter camping, after giving important instructions looking around several places.

Hearing that they would not provide winter camping, he told to arrange winter camping as well, in addition to camping from spring to autumn.

Then he stressed: It would be preferable to provide buses to the camp during the winter camping so that children can go skiing at the Masikryong Ski Resort.

If children go skiing instead staying at home during winter vacation, it would be good for cultivating their bravery and courage.

His words touched the heartstring of the officials. It had been a routine that camping for children was arranged in warm seasons from spring to autumn since climbing and marine activities were the main constituents of camping activities. And the officials had thought that camping life was possible only in those seasons.

But Kim Jong Un took a measure for the children to enjoy camping even in winter singing songs of happiness.