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Shortcoming He Noticed Then and There


One day in February Juche 106 (2017) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the newly built Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans.

He paid close attention to how to provide still better learning conditions and environment to the orphans.

When he stepped into a classroom he sat on one of the chairs which orphans used, and carefully examined a desk.

No one knew the reason. Now Kim Jong Un said the space between the bottom of the desk drawer and the seat of a chair was too small, and that children of big build might find it hard to stretch their legs under the desk.

The officials present on the occasion were surprised to hear it. None of the officials of the school, to say nothing of the officials who had visited it, had never noticed that some orphans would feel inconvenience using the desk.

But while looking round classrooms Kim Jong Un immediately noticed the minor inconvenience that orphans might have, and told to correct the shortcoming.

Thanks to his benevolent care Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans is a dear home and eternal palace for orphans.