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With Affection


One day in November Juche 105 (2016) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected a military unit defending an island on the front line.

Learning the soldiers' life and combat readiness and guiding their gun-firing drill, he was satisfied. While walking down a hill he suddenly asked an official if the unit had a branch school for the local children.

Confused at his unexpected question, the official answered it had.

Hearing his reply Kim Jong Un warmly said that as there was a branch school on the island the officials from higher units should understand the state of educational work at regular intrevals and solve problems in time with a proper view of the rising generation and future.

The accompanying officials, now learning his intention belatedly, told him that branch schools on islands even for only a few children were what could be found only in the country and that many teachers were working at those schools voluntarily.

Kim Jong Un said: I hear there are many teachers who have volunteered to work at branch schools on islands after finishing university of education.They deserve the honour of patriots. We should hold in public respect and praise those who are devoting their conscience for the rising generation on remote islands.

His great trust and expectation is a valuable ideological and mental support for all the teachers in their effort to devote their wisdom and enthusiasm conscientiously for the noble patriotic undertaking for the rising generation.