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Bus Tells of His Warm Care


On his visit to Pyongyang Primary School for Orpahns, a splendid establishment built newly, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un promised to provide it with a bus so that the schoolchildren there could use it to go on a trip.

The day the bus, written with the big letters “We Are the Happiest in the World,” rolled into the school ground, the staff as well as the children were moved to tears.

Since then, the bus has brought a lot of joy to the children. On the bus, they go for a visit to different places in Pyongyang such as President Kim Il Sung's birthplace at Mangyongdae and the Central Zoo, or for motivation activities for increased production. When they travel along streets, the passengers, too, stop to wave their hands to them.

The inside of the bus gives such a feeling as you have when you enter a nice living room. On the bus some children are engrossed in reading relaxing themselves against the back of the soft seat, and some schoolgirls, watching TV, sing to the melody from the TV. 

The letters “We Are the Happiest in the World” written on the bus reflect the happiness of all the children in the country, who are growing up happily under the parental care of Kim Jong Un.